The Management

In 1993, Theo Cuppen and Altai Lin founded the seed production companies Oriental Seeds BV, Holland, and Inova Seeds (Ganzu) Co., Ltd., China.

As a customer, Oriental Seeds BV is your business partner.

Production orders will be produced by Inova Seeds (Ganzu) Co. Ltd. 

Before founding these companies Theo Cuppen had worked as a production manager for one of the leading European seed companies for a period of 16 years. His role within the company is that of President and Commercial Director. In a more direct commercial role he is the Account Manager for Russia.

Altai Lin comes from a long tradition of vegetable growing in Taiwan where, he along with his family, were seed production contracting farmers for companies from all over the world. He is the General Manager of the production organization, Inova Seeds (Ganzu) Co. Ltd., in China. Next to that he is the Account Manager for the Asia Market.

In 2002, Marcel Francissen joined the company to upgrade the level of customer service and to expand the business in Southern Europe, the U.S. and Middle & South-America. Before building a career in the Chrysanthemum cutting industry, working in both operations and sales in Italy, India and California, Marcel Francissen had worked as production specialist with Theo Cuppen for one of the leading European seed companies. Marcel is responsible for our Southern Europe, USA, Middle & South America, Australia and Africa customer base. Marcel is based in Italy.

In, 2009, Paul Hendrikx joined the company. Paul worked for Syngenta but for the past 19 years he was the Production Manager for Enza Zaden The Netherlands and in that capacity also oversaw the productions that Enza did with Oriental Seeds for many years so he is no stranger to China nor to Oriental Seeds/Inova. He brings with him a vast experience in a wide range of crops produced worldwide which will enable us to push us to the next level of professionality. Paul is responsible for our Nothern Europe and Eastern Europe (excl Russia) customer base. Paul is based Bovenkarspel, the Netherlands