Company Facilities

At present we have eight farms. They serve as home base for the field staff and are also the place where we do our Spring nursery activities, small commercial productions, stock seed productions, place male lines that make part of the genetic material protection program that we have for some customers, production R&D, seed collecting, seed cleaning, seed testing and packing for shipment.

























Next to these farms we have set up what we call base offices in those regions where we have a smaller concentration of activity. Between permanent base offices and those that we hire for the season, this normally amounts to about 10 offices.


We have a fully equipped seed cleaning facility that enables us to offer our customers additional or precision seed cleaning for crops like tomato and lettuce.








The laboratory in J3 Farm has become one of our “production fields”: from there we send out pollen prepared for shipment and storage to our customers. The activity of pollen production and storage was triggered by customers sending us pollen to use for our productions of pepper as a means to have a higher level of protection of genetic material. We then took it a step further and started working on the techniques of pollen production, handling, storage and shipping, and added the required equipment to our laboratory. After 3 years of doing trials we are now commercially producing and exporting pollen for pepper and tomato but we are doing trials with other crops as well.


Some flower species require mother stock material, either cuttings or tissue culture plants, to be flown in. Although no issue for as far as import permit concerns, one can imagine that this delicate material could suffer from damage during transportation. With that in mind we started making tissue culture plants in our laboratory. By doing so we can eliminate a critical step in the process and also relive our customers from a timely and costly procedure that often also comes with timing issues (commercial tissue culture labs often are backlogged because of their lack of capacity at peak moments).  The laboratory is also equipped to diagnostic disease tests on both plant tissue and seed.


To facilitate a smooth and direct shipping and receiving process we have opened an office in the city of Lanzhou. All customer bound air and sea freight shipments are being prepared in this office in close collaboration with our broker, with whom we have a longstanding relationship, and local authorities. This is also the office where we receive the stock seed sent to us by our customers.


To have a better control over customer sea freight we also opened up an office in Tianjin where our staff works along side with our preferred broker to make sure that the containers are loaded according customer requirement.