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Inova Seeds (Ganzu) Ltd. Co., China

Our range of field crops is currently limited to two crops: hybrid cotton and hybrid sunflower. Typically most field crops are open pollinated crops that can be done at low cost by making use of large acreages and machinery, this profile does not fit our Ganzu situation.

Hybrid seed production involves manual labor and therefore this type of production can be an interesting opportunity. The same goes for those products that require special criteria, for example, a special climate, a special manual treatment, non-existence of quarantine diseases, isolation (distance), etcetera, which can bare the extra cost of us making sure that those criteria are met.  In other words: if our customers have a need for a field crop that we do not currently produce but could fit into the above description of those productions that could be interesting, we will be more than happy to investigate the possibilities together with them.

We have a very transparent organization with Oriental Seeds BV being your contact for placing an order and taking care of the administrative part and Inova Seed (Ganzu) Ltd. Co. placing the local contracts directly with farmers without the interference of a third party.

As in the past, we are continually investing in new production systems to offer our customers the most complete package possible. This production research takes place at our own farms after which the proven systems are translated to the farmer level. This has proven to be a successful system.
Cultural differences are what make the world a special and interesting place. In doing business it can however sometimes be a hurdle. With the mix of an Asian and European staff and communication possible in Chinese, English, French, Spanish, Italian and German, this is not a problem with us.  Our production progress reporting is frequent and elaborate. The reports are communicated by e-mail or fax. Next to written reports relevant picture material is e-mailed or sent to you on CD-Rom by postal service depending on the nature of the information.