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Inova Seeds (Ganzu) Ltd. Co., China

Climatic Potential of the Area
By choosing from the wide range of altitudes and microclimates and years of production research, we have created a truly unique situation for flower seed production: unlike practically anywhere else in the world we are able to produce almost any type of flower seed.

Winter ends late March and starts in October, making it a very short growing season for annual crops. This very fact makes it essential that stock seed arrives in time to sow at the right time; if not we will miss the seasonís potential. To make full use of the season we have developed greenhouse nursery systems that, depending on the crop, can involve multiple transplanting from seeding box, to tray, to pot, at one of our own farms and then distributing the well developed seedlings/plants to the farmers.

The only real limitation of the area lies in the low relative humidity and the severe winters so that some biannual and perennial do not survive.  The very same two climatologic facts though limit the ability of many pests and plant diseases to respectively thrive or survive, which is a big plus for the area.

Applying an ingenious technique, which is a combination of using the water retaining capacity of the soil and evaporation early spring, when melting water doesnít flow yet from the Qilian Mountains; farmers secure the required water supply needed for that phase of the growing season. As of late spring the extensive irrigation canal and water use rotation system present in Ganzu, secures the water supply for the rest of the season.

The Ganzu growing season is equal to that of Europe and California and therefore an off-season production for South East Asian and South American production locations.

Plot Sizes
Seed production for open pollinated species is an open field production. The size of the plots the farmers grow their crops on is very small, i.e., 3 to 5 mu (1 mu = 667 sqm) for an average farmer. The farmerís livelihood largely depends on the production that comes from that plot. The payment of production is such that quantity is overruled by quality. Given these facts it is obvious that these small well manageable plots are well taken care of by the farmer and his family. This obviously has a major impact on the quality of the seed.  The other big advantage is that we can accept very small productions when our customers only have to produce a few kilograms of an introduction variety. By combining productions we can accept orders as little as 1 mu per specie.

Hybrid seed production is done in greenhouses. The greenhouses are half a mu in size. This automatically sets the minimum order size at half a mu for hybrids. The greenhouses are the traditional greenhouses that make use of solar energy absorbed by the adobe walls that radiate the heat when the environmental temperature drops.
We have a very transparent organization with Oriental Seeds BV being your contact for placing an order and taking care of the administrative part and Inova Seed (Ganzu) Ltd. Co. placing the local contracts directly with farmers without the interference of a third party.

As in the past, we are continually investing in new production systems to offer our customers the most complete package possible. This production research takes place at our own farms after which the proven systems are translated to the farmer level. This has proven to be a successful system. If you canít find the product that you are looking for on our website it does not mean that we canít produce it. It could mean that we are doing trials with it already or are willing to trial them especially for you.

Over the years our team has built up a vast knowledge and understanding of selection criteria for the various species and therefore are skilled in helping our customers with maintaining and upgrading the genetic purity of their selections/genetics.

Cultural differences are what make the world a special and interesting place. In doing business it can however sometimes be a hurdle. With the mix of an Asian and European staff and communication possible in Chinese, English, French, Spanish, Italian and German, this will not be a problem with us.  Our production progress reporting is frequent and elaborate. The reports are communicated by e-mail or fax. Next to written reports relevant picture material is e-mailed or sent to you on CD-Rom by postal service depending on the nature of the information.

Protection of Genetic Material
To meet your wishes on this important issue we have created a number of practical solutions to ensure that your genetic material is protected as much as possible, for example, by producing male lines separate from the female lines, producing male lines on our own farms, isolated production, etcetera.

Production Cost
Most of the flowers being open pollinated species are typically low margin products. The competitiveness of our production prices depend on whether the yield that can be achieved under our conditions meets the minimum income a farmer needs to get from his plot. 

When substantial manual labor input is needed, for example, with hybrid seed production, our prices are very competitive.