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Den Haan Zaden is seed multiplication company specialized in small-scale seed productions for the high-end seed industry, owned by Piet den Haan.


Piet den Haan has been in the seed industry all his life first working for a big Dutch seed company and afterwards as the owner of his own company Den Haan Zaden.

His two assistants Adri Overbeeke and Jan Suykerbuyk, together with whom Piet den Haan does all grower visits, have similar background and are considered specialists in the field of seed multiplication in the area.



The productions are sub-contracted to professional glasshouse farmers all located in the vicinity of Den Haan Zaden to make sure that the productions can be followed closely and quality is guaranteed.


Next to producing the seed Den Haan Zaden is also set up to do custom seed cleaning.








The strength of this production location and organization is that the production is done under controlled glasshouse circumstances, that small quantities can be handled and that the seed can be delivered sales ready according to cleaning specifications of you, the customer.


Another important factor is the protection of genetic material because the productions are done in greenhouses making unaccompanied access impossible.







For Oriental Seed, Den Haan Zaden does stock seed and commercial seed production for lettuce, spinach, cucumber, carrots and celeriac.














































Den Haan Zaden is located in Steenbergen, the South-West of Holland close to Zeeland and the Belgium border.









Since Den Haan Zaden produces only under glasshouse conditions climatic influences other than light intensity and day length are overruled.


The Southwest climate distinguishes itself from other microclimates in Holland, by having a high light intensity and moderate winters.


The growing season is the Northern-European one which implies an early spring sowing (March) and an early autumn harvest (September-October).



The productions are contracted out to professional glasshouse growers. The growers that work for Den Haan Zaden have ample experience in seed multiplication.

Their glasshouse facilities are set up in such a way that small compartments can be created for isolation, bee pollination isolations and small introduction variety productions.

This is why many of the Oriental Seeds customers make use of this option to produce their introduction varieties and/or stock seed productions.


The nursery part, crucial for the whole process of seed multiplication, is done at Den Haan Zaden itself or with professional plant raisers in the vicinity of Den Haan Zaden.


Den Haan Zaden has its own seed cleaning facility. The machinery is designed for small lot precision cleaning and at the level of a professional third party seed cleaning company. Having this equipment in house makes it an effective, flexible and fast service.







The whole process is carried out and monitored on a daily basis by Piet den Haan and his two asistants Adri Overbeeke and Jan Suykerbuyk.