What We Offer

Almost all required manipulation in the process of hybridization, harvest and seed extraction is done by hand. So no mechanical damage can occur.  We also clean the seed by hand, one by one, selected by man’s eye and judgment. This ensures a high success rate, high yields and most importantly a high quality product.

To meet customer demand we have the possibility of mechanic seed cleaning next to the hand cleaning. This possibility was created because some products require additional or precision cleaning that cannot be done by hand and because in some cases it is beneficial to our customers from a cost and/or workload point of view to have an additional cleaning done in China.

We are proud of our “custom made concept”, which means that if you, as our customer, have specific needs or requests they can almost always be met. For example: preference of production location, specific procedures towards protection of genetics, small trial productions on our own farms, and many more custom made concepts.

To be able to fully satisfy our customers’ needs we have created the possibility of a counter season production, by making use of trusted partners located in Thailand, Holland and France.


Besides that we do specialty productions, like LMV-free lettuce, a special protected crop tomato program that we call Tomato Plus in view of the bacterial disease threat and stock seed productions.

Protection of genetic material is an issue in every country.
Having worked for “a house of breeding” ourselves we very well understand the time and costs invested and we respect and agree upon the principals of genetic ownership. More importantly: our China team also understands this concept very well, is reliable, and are dedicated to custom seed production only.
We do not engage in any kind of breeding or seed trading activities.
To meet your wishes on this important issue we have created a number of practical solutions to ensure that your genetic material is protected as much as possible, for example by producing male lines separate from the female lines, producing male lines on our own farms, isolated production, etcetera. We are also investigating other innovative ways to deal with protection of genetic material like importing pollen instead of sowing the male lines in China.

All of the above is being realized keeping in mind your requirements and wishes and still being able to offer competitive prices.

We believe that we have found a balance between price and quality of service and product.